Recover Without Rehab

Can a Drug Addict Recover Without Rehab?

The Secret, sheer determination, and Charlie Sheen’s claims of a “power of the mind,” AKA ‘The Secret,’ leaves it to seem as if addiction is something as simple as watching a show. You sit down, envision a sober life, and then there it is. That’s not realistic, but there are many times that people get sober without rehabilitation. Rarely an addict can completely recover and stay sober on their own without rehab, most will benefit more from an addiction treatment plan.

These are the many ways that people have used to recover without rehab. It’s possible, but not common.

Jail or Incarceration

About 65% of all jail inmates meet the criteria for suffering from addiction. Then about 45% of total inmates meet the criteria for dual diagnosis or addiction and mental illness. In theory, there are treatment centers available for inmates and prisoners, but the extent of it includes 12-step programs that don’t always work for everyone.

The “treatment” that people get in jail isn’t cohesive, it isn’t personalized, but for many people, jail is an effective way to stop drug use and addiction. But why? The rigid demands and structure within jail don’t leave much opportunity for ongoing drug use. Many jails now focus on giving inmates the tools they need to thrive when they get out. Additionally, many inmates receive job connections, housing, and more when they get out, so there are many resources available to help them stay sober.

Dangers of the Cold-Turkey Approach

If you’re trying or considering going cold-turkey, then you should take yourself to a detox center. Going to a detox center isn’t committing to treatment; it just gives you the opportunity to detox safely. Even alcoholics can face deadly detox withdrawals. Don’t die in your efforts to recover your life.

Going cold-turkey is often ineffective, and while withdrawals can lead to death, many people will overdose following a relapse shortly after they detox. The only way to reduce the risk of seizures, heart problems and more is to detox with medical supervision. You can go through detox and then continue facilitating the rehabilitation or rebuilding of a sober lifestyle on your own. There’s no need to go through the demands of withdrawals alone, where you could lose your life.

Motivation, Will Power, and Conviction

Unlike the long-forgotten hit from Fort Minor, you’ll need much more than 15% concentrated power of will to get through addiction. Now, if you’re set on doing this alone, then you need to have unwavering concentration and focus that exclusively addresses your sobriety. Often, however, there isn’t enough motivation, will power, or conviction to stop addiction in its tracks.

What usually happens when you try to out-will an addiction is white-knuckling. If you’re walking around all day thinking, “I need a score,” then you’re not on the road to recovery, you’re a timebomb. What recovery offers is a set of tools that allows you to handle those urges and build sustainable will power to help you stay sober.

Private Therapy Options

Private therapy is always an option because there are many qualified therapists who work with people one-on-one. That gives the addict the opportunity to discuss all their problems, drug-related or otherwise, and it’s the chance for someone to get personalized help. What’s missing from the private therapy approach is the communal element of rehabilitation.

Addiction is often silenced or hidden, and most rehabilitation centers and programs focus on changing that. The shame of addiction is real, but that doesn’t mean that hiding it will make it any better. You can handle your addiction privately, but having a community of people in similar stages of recovery or life can help you build positive elements of recovery into your life. Most therapists will encourage their patients to attend meetings for community support.

Can You Recover on Your Own, Without Rehab?

One of the elements that recovering people need to consider is the aftermath of drug use. From crack to Fentanyl drug use will leave physical damage as well as mental damage. Now you can break through and start to rebuild your life with these elements in mind. Ultimately, a rehabilitation center can help you arm yourself with tools and strategies to recover and stay sober.

When looking for recovery centers in Greenville, South Carolina, you should consider Rehab Carolinas. We go through the process of creating an outpatient treatment plan so that you can keep going without a disruptive rehabilitation experience. There’s no need for a secluded in-patient treatment center experience. But you often will need to go through some treatment program if you plan on staying sober.