Addiction Treatment

Our mission is to provide individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction to lead higher-quality lives. With professional help, they can confront the underlying causes of their addiction and begin to heal. At Rehab Carolinas, we provide addiction treatment with an individual approach. We understand that treatment services must meet the needs of each person who seeks help. Upon enrollment, our patients will go through a series of assessments to identify which treatment programs best fit their recovery needs. Then, we determine if that patient needs pre-treatment services such as a detox referral. Working with our extensive addiction treatment network, we can help individuals access a wide variety of resources before, during, and after treatment. We will do whatever you need to tackle addiction.

What are Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services?

Because a residential treatment facility may not always be practical for the client, many programs at Rehab Carolinas are outpatient

Outpatient programs allow patients with responsibilities such as a career or family to tend to these aspects of their life while seeking treatment. Patients will come in during the day and participate in a structured treatment plan. However, they do not have to leave everything behind for 30-days or months at a time. Patients can keep their jobs, enroll in school, and begin to build healthy routines during the day.

Many people rely on outpatient programs as part of their continued recovery after graduating from an inpatient program. Alternatively, many people have found it more difficult to assimilate into daily life after an inpatient stay leading to a failed recovery. Outpatient programs allow you to put what you learn in recovery into practice every day and develop the skills necessary for staying sober.

12 Step Approach to Treatment

Rehab Carolinas uses a 12-step approach to treatment while also utilizing holistic and traditional therapies. When confronting addiction, individuals learn about their behaviors, choices, health, and recovery. The 12-step approach gives recovering patients a community and support network to lean on throughout the recovery process. They can see the healing process at all stages and help others examine their lives as well. The 12-step approach aims to create awareness of the person’s wellbeing and those around them. It introduces the necessary lifestyle changes that come with treatment and gives a higher chance of long-term success.

Dual Diagnosis at Addiction Treatment Centers

Many people who experience addiction or drug abuse need help with an underlying mental health condition. People who have an undiagnosed mental disorder will often turn to substance abuse as a method of coping with their internal struggle.

Mental health disorders can develop before and after addiction but always play a role in addictive tendencies. Rehab Carolinas works to identify and begin the proper treatment for any mental health concerns. On-site, we have a clinical pharmacist that can help manage psychological medication as well as work with the individual in medication management.

Not Your Average Addiction Treatment Service

Most treatment centers focus on selling a vacation-like setting for their patients. At Rehab Carolinas, we focus on helping people who have addiction in a way that will allow them to move forward with their lives confidently. For us, that means understanding what benefits patients and what doesn’t. We offer a supportive and caring environment that holds patients accountable in all stages of recovery. Addiction treatment is about creating a high chance of success and helping individuals learn addiction techniques that impact their recovery.

Addiction Services We Offer

At Rehab Carolinas, we are proud to offer a wide array of rehabilitation services to best serve those suffering from addiction. Our team is prepared to help you fight the battle of addiction in whatever way serves you and your needs best. Our services include:

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