A group of people sitting in a circle, talking to one another.

How to Convince an Addict to Go to Rehab

No one wants to sit down, across from someone they love and tell them that they need treatment, or therapy, or rehab. Instead, many people skate around the issue or deliver it in such a blunt way that it scares the addict off. Because who you’re talking to isn’t that person you love, they wear their face and, but the personality is gone, you’re talking to an addict. 

Convincing an addict to go to rehab is nearly as hard as convincing a fish to get out of water. You really need to metaphorically hook them, because if you say, “go when you want, find the center you want,” you won’t see much success. People go to rehab centers when there’s a consequence when there is a risk for their life-changing and becoming even worse than it is now. 

Will An Intervention Be Necessary?

Almost always, yes. An intervention is a time to explain that you expect this person to go to treatment and that they have the chance. It’s also the opportunity to dive into the possibilities and how much you want to see this person living a better life. When you stage an intervention, you need to focus on the start of the journey, not the end of it. Saying things like, “You can get better,” or “just take care of this issue,” may lead to unsuccessful recovery attempts. About 114 people died every day because of drug use, and intervention is your only tool to step in to prevent that. 

A group of people sitting in a circle, talking to one another.

Do Whatever It Takes – Bottom Lines and Beyond

Setting a bottom line is difficult, but you literally have to sit and ask yourself, “What is the most drastic measure that I can take and uphold?” The trouble that people experience is that they say, “You’re out of my life,” and then a few weeks later, the cave and go back on their word. If you really won’t cut a person out of your life, then don’t say you will. 

When setting a bottom line, you don’t need to compete with anyone else at the intervention. It’s not about who will go biggest or boldest, but you should understand if someone who made a stricter bottom line doesn’t want to hear updates or news about the person. Your bottom line is your absolute last stand to this addiction. 

Give the Addict Limited Rehab Options

Okay, the intervention doesn’t need to be a big group of people. There are different types of intervention, and you can do a one-on-one intervention, especially if you can’t get the rest of the family on board. Now, one of the things that you absolutely need in place when you start your intervention is a rehab option. You want them to say that they will start treatment the very next day, or even better, that day. 

But don’t tell someone that they can go through and find a treatment center. Don’t tell them that where they go is their choice. You might present two options, but that is the limit. When you have options, you may overwhelm the person with decisions. They may need to decide between leaving the state, or moving across the country, or leaving their family for months. It can be too much to handle for someone who’s already thinking about their life falling apart. 

Do Your Research First 

An intervention is necessary, but you can just be willy-nilly about it. Do your research on both the different types of interventions and the different treatment centers in your area. After your research, you may have realized that there are scientifically-backed centers, holistic centers, and therapy-based centers. The ultimate issue that people face going into treatment is that the rehab option doesn’t fit their needs. 

If your loved one experiences a mental disorder or an underlying medical condition, then you need a facility that specializes in handling those elements of treatment. 

Contact Your Local Rehab Carolina Center 

In Greenville, SC, there are many addiction center options, but Rehab Carolinas stands out with our passionate medical staff, therapy options, and outpatient system. We know that you won’t be able to go through daily life after treatment if you can’t keep your routines while you’re in treatment. Leaving one environment for something outstanding or a life-changing experience, and then returning to that first environment isn’t ideal. 

Rehab Carolinas welcomes family members and friends to come in and discuss treatment options as well as family therapy options. You don’t need to bring in your drug addict friend, or family member. Come, sit with us, and learn what you need to do to get your loved one to finally agree to help.