Luxury Recovery and Effectiveness for Long-Term Rehabilitation

Luxury Recovery and Effectiveness for Long-Term Rehabilitation

Substance abuse or drug abuse are two common phrases which cover all variety of addictions. From opioid to meth, drug use will often lead people down one of two roads: recovery, or lifelong battle with addiction.


For those who prefer “designer” or high-label drugs, it may seem like everything is fine. Without a financial struggle, is there an incentive for recovery? Yes, as people who enjoy the finer things often have even more to lose.


But what about people who don’t typically live a lavish lifestyle and happen to have access to a luxury recovery facility?


Ultimately the question is, are these luxury treatment centers effective? Regardless of your lifestyle, now, you need quality rehabilitation care.


Amenities for Addiction Recovery

What people need most during the initial stages of recovery are:

  • Medical care
  • A safe environment
  • Clean living conditions
  • Detox services
  • Therapy


These necessary amenities mean that even basic conditions are reasonable for those living in inner-city rehab centers or who have strict financial restrictions when seeking help. However, those who are looking for luxury recovery might have access to what more closely resembles an all-expense paid vacation.


Luxury recovery centers will often focus on providing full-spa experiences, accommodating unreasonable requests, provide extensive choices for food, and more. So, does this make an impact on their recovery? Yes and no.


The Luxury Recovery Lifestyle

The luxe rehab lifestyle allows people to live their best life during recovery literally. Even those who can afford $40,000 per stint recovery centers have jobs or responsibilities. Celebs have families, media pressure, and often full-time gigs. The mentality that drove these rehab centers to spring up was that pressured rock stars and entertainers around the world needed a place to rewind and recover.


The luxe rehab lifestyle of going from therapy to yoga, in a completely stress-free environment, with all the world’s options for spa-treatments and fine dining isn’t conducive for anyone. That’s right; even those who live a luxury lifestyle regularly will have an alarming shock when this new way of daily life comes to an end.


Unfortunately, leaving these centers doesn’t come with the same relief that you feel when returning home after vacation.


After a luxe rehab stays, the triggers and stress are more present. How can anyone go from no-stress to high-stress?


Access to Medical Care

There is no data to support that luxury recovery centers have better medical care. Although it’s safe to assume that better paid medical staff are likely to perform better on a consistent basis, there’s no outlying proof that they’re getting anything different than what you would find in a cheaper facility.


When you look at the rehabilitation community, there is a lot of infrastructures which relies entirely on people’s own recovery stories. It’s possible that the absolute best therapist for recovery is working somewhere small, somewhere not necessarily special because they had their recovery experience and wanted to contribute.


Medical care will always vary from facility to facility if you’re interested in learning about the vast differences, set up consultations with a few recovery centers in your area. You will immediately see the different demeanors of medical professionals.


After Release

After the release is a big deal. Not only are luxury rehab centers more protective when it comes to eliminating stressors, but it’s also likely that they’re going to hand off their clients to a local mid-step center.


Regardless of where you do, your recovery it’s safe to say that your last day on the premises will not be your last day in recovery unless you relapse. In many cases, luxury rehab centers are not synonymous with better care. In fact, they seem to create unrealistic ideals of rehabilitation and may lead to more relapses. Approximately 40 to 60% of people will relapse after recovery.


Rehab Carolinas works with individuals and families in a variety of realistic and effective settings. When working with us, you can opt for various living situations and still have all the benefits of a full-scale rehabilitation facility.


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