Outpatient rehab

What is Drug Rehab Like?

Every person has their unique experience, but as a whole, there are a few overarching elements of daily life in rehab that you can expect. So what should you expect or maybe hope to experience after completing detox? Well, for most people, it’s a bit of a disappointment and then a feeling of freedom and control, and then a let down when they’re done. Drug rehab is hard to prepare people for, but it’s possible to give some insight into different circumstances, such as going to an inpatient or outpatient treatment center, that may apply to your situation.

Inpatient Treatment v. Outpatient Treatment Center

There are inpatient and outpatient treatment options, and occasionally you’ll have the opportunity for residential rehab. These all have very different circumstances and expectations of their patients.

Inpatient treatment is exactly what it sounds like, you’re in a facility, and in that facility, there are rules you must follow. Most inpatient centers don’t permit their patients to leave unless they’ve earned it. Typically with inpatient care, you’ll receive around the clock therapy. They fill your day with group therapy, individual counseling, group activities, meditation, yoga, and more. They keep you too busy to worry about your addiction.

Outpatient treatment is a bit different in that you can still go through the everyday elements of life, such as showing up for work and making court appearances. The struggle is that outpatient doesn’t eliminate one of the more immediate problems with addiction: environment.

Ultimately, the larger belief is that outpatient programs put a lot of responsibility on the addict. They also build self-accountability, have strict rules about sobriety, and allow the person to get sober while still handling daily stresses from family and work.

Will You Still Go To Work or School?

In an outpatient treatment center, you will likely be encouraged to continue going to work or school. If you’re on an education path, then it’s clear that this is an important part of your life and your sobriety. However, if you feel that the stress is too much, you should speak with a counselor about taking time off from work or from school.

How Long Will You Spend in Therapy and Meetings After Work and School?

The time that you spend in therapy and meetings will vary based on your situation. For example, if you’re in an inpatient program, then it’s likely that you’ll spend most or all of your day in therapy and not attend work or school at all.

In a different scenario with an outpatient program, you may have two different sessions after work each day with different groups or counselors. The reason why the process is so intensive at first is because of the very high relapse rate. Keeping people busy is one tactic to help them get through the early stages of recovery. Then once they have weeks or months of sobriety built, they can start deciding how they would rather spend their time.

Can You Still Have a Family Life?

In an outpatient center, yes, you can still have a family life, and for many, an outpatient center allows the entire family to get help. Not only can you get help for your addiction, but your relatives and friends can have access to resources that help them understand addiction.

So far as going out, making it to the park, or planning a vacation, you might want to wait. Big events like vacations can be stressful, and ideally, you’re creating a low-stress environment right now. Smaller events such as taking the kids to the park, might be something you want to do with another adult. Relationships are often the building blocks of happiness, and if you can cultivate relationships at the beginning of your sobriety, it can give you a bigger reason to stay sober.

Our Outpatient Treatment Center Creates Personalized Treatment Plans

In Raleigh, NC, you can set up a treatment program with Rehab Carolinas that supports your lifestyle. As an outpatient treatment center, you can get the individual therapy and treatment you need while still maintaining your life and work. Drug rehabilitation treatment programs aren’t one-size-fits-all, and the experience should be what you need, not what the center decides will work for whoever walks in.

At Rehab Carolinas, our team aims to make your experience in drug rehab, something that will benefit you through the many changes of life. We know that life and the demands of daily work and family won’t stop because you need to get sober. Contact Rehab Carolinas now to establish the best approach to daily treatment for you.