Intensive Outpatient Program

An IOP, Intensive Outpatient Program, is an option available to clients who are in their early recovery transition. Often these individuals have to undergo a full-time addiction treatment and are ready to move into independent living. The idea is that this is a part-time, but immersive, therapeutic program with flexible schedules which allows people to work and attend school.

Ideally, an IOP will help recovering people build daily habits and routines while still having access to treatment. At Rehab Carolinas, we provide IOPs as an option for people who are ready and able to transition back into daily life. They will still receive regular support and therapy as they make this major step in their recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP caseloads at Rehab Carolinas have a cap of 35 to 40 patients at any one time. This allows a high staff-to-patient ratio, which ensures that everyone receives the attention they need. Individuals in these programs at Rehab Carolinas can build small and tight-knit communities with other peers in the same stage of recovery. They can support each other through the recovery process.

The IOP system allows patients to gain employment and attend school, which is often vital for building sustainable sober lifestyles. An IOP is an excellent option for people who have already completed a full-time and intensive treatment program. But it ensures that recovering people still have access to the clinical support they need.

It’s a great way to reintroduce work and family responsibilities while having access to therapy and medical staff. An IOP is an ideal way to continue treatment after a dual diagnosis. IOPs allow individuals to build normal routines, flex newfound sober living skills and build life skills, and addressing their long-term treatment needs.

IOP Clinical Services

An intensive outpatient treatment requires that clients live in a sober living residence, which should keep them accountable for their sobriety. Staff will then coordinate with the client’s sober living home and ensure that all needs are met. This collaboration helps ensure that the clients have access to all the tools necessary for a sober lifestyle. As part of this, clients are encouraged to enter into a local twelve-step fellowship, find a sponsor, and begin working the recovery steps through these programs. IOPs help clients make this transition from intensive and structured rehab to self-sustained care as part of their journey.

Clinical hours are from 9 am to 5 pm and offer sessions of individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling. IOP treatment serves to help individuals understand what it means to become accountable for their continued recovery and to build new lives. They can take concerns about living clean and entering into a twelve-step program to their counselors here to further develop coping skills. They can receive feedback on their progress and the challenges they’ve faced. It provides a forum to speak honestly about the struggles of returning to life sober.

IOP treatment is available through Rehab Carolinas as a continuing treatment option. It is most often made available to continuing dual diagnosis treatment and is meant to promote a full recovery with individualized care plans, a close community, and therapeutic support.

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