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Technology Use and Addiction

As with most other things regarding technology or, we haven’t even realized the full extent of Technology use when it comes to mental health and addiction. Inherently we know that technology use is fine, but the technology of use is not. But the presence of technology doesn’t appear as an issue, the same way that alcohol or illegal substances are, and some scientists have hoped that technology use could be the key to drug treatment.

On the other side of the spectrum, social scientists and those involved in public policy, as well as our Carolina rehabilitation specialists are concerned at how easy technology has made it to access and obtain illegal substances. Here’s a quick chance to dive into the role of technology and modern-day addiction.

Tech Addiction

The most recent approach to assessing technology addiction is to associate any frequent or obsessive technology-related behavior, which presents negative consequences but does not deter activity. While some people have been surprised, they’ve spent close to $100 on a pay-to-play game, others have spent hours or thousands of dollars on their phone or on freemium games. Other tech addicts will scroll and scroll, absorbing hours of created content across a variety of platforms.

Recent studies have exposed that people should spend no more than about 2 hours per day taking in digital media. Digital media references to social media, and created content such as articles, blogs, and YouTube videos. Content is extremely addictive, as our brains constantly strive to obtain new and more information. Social media content is just as addictive, and the apps themselves are designed to keep users engaged for hours at a time.

Technology in Drug Abuse

Not surprisingly, drug dealers have begun to use technology to reach people who otherwise may have not known how to obtain illegal substances—or even making agreements through social media to make purchases of alcohol for minors.

Through technology, it is easier now than ever before, for teenagers to access Alcohol, Tobacco and vaping products, and a wide variety of illegal substances spanning from ecstasy to cocaine.

At the Forefront are Instagram and Snapchat. Both social media apps have made it extraordinarily easy for anyone on the platform to order drugs either for pick up or mail delivery. Keep in mind that people as young as 13 can open accounts.

Technology in Drug Treatment

Although technology has made it easier to access drugs, it has also become a keystone in drug treatment particularly during shelter-in-place orders. As a result of COVID-19, many regular meetings, including 12-step meetings, group therapy sessions, and other core elements of Rehabilitation programs, were made available. It put the entire recovery community at risk and led to countless drug overdoses during the time frame that these resources were unavailable.

However, the recovery community was quick to respond. They turned to technology, which has had a negative effect on addiction, but they gave it a spin. Now 12-step meetings are easily accessible online and almost Around the Clock. You don’t have to find a local meeting, and you don’t have to wait hours for the meeting to begin. It is now as simple as signing in and waiting 5 or 10 minutes for a new meeting to start.

Additionally, as 12-step meetings and group therapy sessions are reopening, many rehab centers are turning to technology to help people in recovery plan their therapy schedule. Finally, there are apps like Better Help. Better Help Is only one example, there are many other apps available, and many rehabilitation facilities are working on constructing their own Virtua Health System. These apps allow people to connect with crisis counselors immediately and for that counselor to have an in-depth understanding of the patient’s needs and history. It goes beyond the national substance abuse hotline, and delivers personalized care from licensed counselors.

Finding Support at Rehab Carolinas

Where can you strike a chord that it is balanced between technologies for drug treatment, and addressing underlying technology addiction? With the current definition of technology addiction, it’s likely that almost every adult falls into that category. But where should technology addiction, drug addiction, or alcohol abuse, stop? Technology has enabled many teens and young adults to access illegal substances easily and conveniently.

At Rehab Carolina’s, we focus on the full scope of addiction and the various elements in day-to-day life that play a role in perpetuating that addiction. With tools such as immediate access to therapy sessions and ease of locating others in the recovery community, technology may serve a beneficial purpose. Contact us at Rehab Carolina’s is to find out more about an individualized approach to your addiction treatment. ]