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Alcohol has been regarded as a way to de-stress from a hectic day or to loosen up and have some fun. But, addicts are faced with many problems from alcohol that can ruin their life. There are a number of different types of alcohol habits that can contribute to abuse or overuse. You or your loved one may display the following type of alcohol dependency and our alcohol rehab in Durham, NC can help. 

  • Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism is where many of our patients begin their alcohol problems. They may drink too much or can’t stop at just one drink. They may drink uncontrollably or until they lose all management of their decision-making skills essentially losing control of themselves and who they are. 

  • Alcohol Dependency

Those that abuse alcohol may find that they have a dependency on alcohol. Many people believe that alcohol dependency is alright because it is not considered an addiction yet. But, they are going down the path of alcohol addiction. Alcohol dependency is a mental and physical need to have alcohol. You may have cravings or you may be unable to stop drinking no matter the situation or circumstances. Your body may be unable to function unless you have a drink and this is where you move on to addiction. 

  • Alcohol Addiction

While dependency and alcohol addiction have a lot of similarities, alcohol abuse is excessive drinking. You may not need to drink every day, but when you do, it is in excess. Your brain not only has a physical dependency on alcohol but you also have a chemical dependency to have alcohol. Your brain has been changed chemically because you overconsume alcohol to a dangerous level.

No matter what type of alcohol addiction you have, it can and will destroy your life as well as the ones you love. It can tear you apart from your family and friends, ruin your social life, and create problems at your job. You may also be facing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress. Your health will decline, and you will lose the things that are important to you now and into the future. 

If you or someone you love is using alcohol in an abusive, dependent or addictive way, our alcohol treatment center in Durham, NC can help them get on the road to recovery.

Our Alcohol Rehab In Durham, NC, Understands The Effects Of Alcohol

Anytime someone consumes too much alcohol it can have devastating effects. You may endanger yourself or the ones that you love and be unable to make decisions that are safe and healthy. You may drink and drive, putting others in danger, even though you know that it is wrong. You’ll have no regard for safety, and you regularly put yourself in risky situations. Alcoholics are not the same person as when they are sober, and their life will only continue to get worse.

Drinking too much alcohol can also be unhealthy to your body. You could develop liver disease, pancreatic issues, fibrosis, hepatitis, or cirrhosis. Alcoholics often have high blood pressure, and can even have a stroke because of their poor and dangerous drinking habits. 

There are also mental and emotional issues that come from alcohol abuse. You could have depression and anxiety. You may not sleep well, leaving you to feel fatigued at all times. Too much alcohol can lead to issues that can alter your everyday life. Your mood may change, and you may not be motivated to get the things done that you need to. Your hygiene may suffer, and you may let yourself go, having no care for your appearance and how you treat others.

When you or your loved one has any of these alcohol-related symptoms, you need to seek help at our alcohol rehab center in Durham, NC. You deserve to get the assistance you need to recover from alcohol abuse. Do not let your life suffer any longer. Let our alcohol treatment center in Durham, NC, will provide you with the skills you need to maintain recovery from your alcohol abuse. We can help and we are the right place to begin your recovery.

An Alcohol Treatment Center In Durham, NC, That Understands Alcohol Addiction

There are many types of alcoholics. While we will help you identify your alcohol issues at the time of alcohol treatment in Durham, NC, understanding where you fall within the definitions of addiction can help you determine if you need help.

  • Young Adult

Many young adults have a problem with alcohol abuse. This may be the first time they have sought treatment for their addiction. They have not developed mental issues yet that is causing their alcohol problems. 

  • Young Antisocial Adult

Some individuals have a genetic link to alcoholism as well as a mental illness that is causing them to drink in a dangerous way. These patients are often in their twenties, and they combine alcohol with cigarettes, marijuana, or both. They may be clinically depressed or have anxiety issues. They may take other drugs recreationally as well. 

The difference between a young adult and a young antisocial adult is a genetic link to alcoholism and the underlying mental illness that they have. This can affect the alcohol treatment in Durham, NC that they receive.

  • Intermediate Familial Adults

This type of patient also has a genetic link to alcoholism that may run in the family. They have a mental illness that in most cases that is depression. They may also use drugs or smoke cigarettes. 

  • Chronic/Severe Adults

This makes up a small majority of patients at our alcohol rehab center in Durham, NC. These patients, however, are the largest percentage of the population that have a personality disorder as well as a mood disorder. They use alcohol as well as other addictive substances, creating a dangerous combination.

While each of these cases of alcoholism is very different, there is hope. You can live a life of sobriety with treatment from our alcohol rehab in Durham, NC. We can help you uncover the root of your alcohol problem and get the help you need to recover.

Our Alcohol Rehab Center In Durham, NC, Can Help

At the Ashville Recovery Center, we customize a treatment program that works just for you. You will learn how to manage and control your drinking challenges. We look deep into the reasons for addiction and provide you the ability to recover and heal from your alcoholism. 

You may have deep feeling and emotions about alcohol that we can address head-on. You may try to numb those thoughts with alcohol, and out alcohol rehab center in Durham, NC, can provide you with the techniques to understand the mental state of your addiction. 

No matter what is causing you to consume alcohol in an unhealthy manner, we can help. We do not judge or make preconceived notions about your drinking problems. Our recovery center welcome you with open arms and are ready to assist you in taking the first step to recovery. We treat all of our patients with respect and compassion knowing how hard alcoholism is and we want you to feel comfortable at our alcohol treatment center in Durham, NC.

We give all our patients dignity and help them to see their worth regardless of the dependency or addiction they have to alcohol. You didn’t ask for this to happen to you. Your alcoholism is a disease that needs to be dealt with through treatment. We can help you overcome that personal addiction to alcohol as we come from a group of founders that were addicts themselves. They know too well the challenges of this disease and what you need to recover in a way that works for you. 

We can guide you on the path to recovery. We can help you identify what triggers you to drink and begin the healing process. We’ll give you the tools you need to make sense out of your life once again. We can help you make sound decisions about your life and sobriety. The healing process starts now. 

There are many reasons that alcohol dependency occurs in addicts, including:

  • Peer pressure
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Addictive personality
  • Low self-esteem
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Genetics

Some people see these reasons as excuses to drink. But, they are real concerns of alcohol addiction. They cause you to consume alcohol and develop a dependency no matter who you are. We will find your reason for drinking and get you the help you need to recover. You can get your life back.

The Advantage Of Alcohol Treatment In Durham, NC

You can have a life free from alcohol addiction. Envision yourself living out these moments by filling in the blanks to these treatment questions. They are a part of your recovery and can help you see a future without alcohol.

When I’m sober, I will be able to______.

Now that I’m sober, I’m so glad I can_________.

Becoming sober has helped repair my relationship with_________.

Now I spend my money on__________ instead of alcohol.

Customized Alcohol Treatment In Durham, NC

We offer an array of alcohol treatments that can help you recover from your alcohol dependency or addiction.

  • Residential Treatment Program

One of our most successful programs is residential treatment at our alcohol treatment center in Durham, NC. This is a 30 to 35-day program that resides within our treatment center. We employ a range of therapies and techniques that have proven to be successful in treating alcoholism. 

Each patient that visits our alcohol rehab center in Durham, NC, receives a personalized approach to care. Our residential treatment programs offer continuous care with more focus and attention than outpatient alcohol rehab in Durham, NC. We help you achieve your goals and provide an alcohol-free environment that has no distractions for your recovery. You can get your life back with our alcohol rehab in Durham. NC. We offer you new activities to try, new peers to meet, and an overall positive place to get treatments as well as 24/7 therapy.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program allows you to transition from our residential program while living an independent life. You can reenter society without stress and get your life back at a pace that works for you. Patients live in a sober environment and attend a 12-step program that will work for them. We use a variety of treatment and therapy programs to have shown to be effective in treating alcoholism or can help a patient that does not have a severe addiction. 

  • Intensive Outpatient Program

With our outpatient alcohol rehab in Durham, NC, you can develop a schedule that works with your other life commitments. You can go to school or work while attending treatment from our staff. We will support you and provide you with treatment that works with your current lifestyle. You will also have full access to all of our therapy programs offered in our alcohol treatment center in Durham, NC.

  • Therapy

There is a variety of therapies that are offered by our alcohol rehab center in Durham, NC, to give you the highest degree of success in your recovery We offer therapies such as:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Holistic therapy, including yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, music therapy, art therapy and more

Get The Help You Need Today From Our Alcohol Treatment Center In Durham, NC

You do not have to fight your alcoholism alone. We are here to help you find sobriety and recover from your alcohol illness. We know that recovery is possible and we are ready to help you get on the road to success today. 

When you are ready to take the first step in your recovery, contact our alcohol rehab center in Durham, NC, at 704.810.2238. Our friendly and experienced staff can answer the questions you have about our alcohol treatments. Your call is completely confidential and handled with the sensitivity and care you deserve. Don’t hesitate to change your life today. You can put an end to your alcohol abuse or dependency now. 

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