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You’ve come to the right place for help.  Our alcohol treatment center has all the tools and methods to conquer alcohol addictions, and we’re here to help facilitate a new life of sobriety today.  We have staff who are on hand right now that will help get the process started, and your contact with us is 100% confidential.

Helping addicts get better is personal for us, because our alcohol treatment centers are based on our founders’ own experience with addition.  We know what works – and what doesn’t – so if you’re researching alcohol treatment centers because you or someone you love is an alcoholic or because you are an alcoholic, we’ve got you covered.  You may feel that you have nowhere else to turn, but you are not alone.

Our Proven Alcohol Treatment Programs

Everyone who reaches out to us comes to our Raleigh facility with a different story.  No matter how long the struggles with alcohol abuse have been and no matter how much damage has been caused, we have a place for anyone who needs help.  We’ll customize our alcohol treatment program to fit the needs of anyone who walks through our doors.

Seeking Treatment in Raleigh, North Carolina

We have three different treatment options, each of which can be customized to fit any situation.

Residential Treatment Program

This program is the most effective in helping alcohol addicts get clean once and for all.  The benefits are many, but a few highlights include:

Streamlined Focus – There is no outside distraction to distract from meeting the goal of sobriety.  There is one thing to do in our treatment program, and that’s to focus on getting better.  There is no option of old playmates and playgrounds. With us, alcohol addicts have care that begins from the moment they enlist in our program.

24-7 Care – Our one job, our one responsibility is to support our clients.   Alcohol addiction is not easy to overcome, so we provide a strong line of defense with a medical team right here in Raleigh.  We’re trained to help people just like addicts of every kind, no matter how mild or severe the addiction may be.  Addicts don’t have to go far if one moment is more challenging than the next, because we’re right on site to help every single day.

The Program is Structured – There is proven success is creating routines. Routines create a place of familiarity and a place of comfort. But we’ll provide a new routine that is built around an alcohol rehab program and getting better. Health and wellness on every level is a priority.  Alcoholism affects the total body physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, so we’ll take the same approach in helping to beat alcoholism using our tried and true methods.

Methods Used During Residential Treatment

Some might work, some might not.  Our clients may use every method we offer or just one or two. No matter what, we’ll make sure finding what works best is at the top of the priority list. The first step is detox.


It is imperative that our clients detox before beginning treatment of any kind, so we’ll provide information on a partner organization that offers this service.  Detoxing prior to treatment will ensure that there are no more withdrawal symptoms when treatment begins so you can focus on getting better. Once detox is complete, we’ll explore the following methods.

Individual Therapy

Both therapies have specific benefits as they relate to alcohol addiction.  Addressing traumatic situations, negative habits, and cognitive thinking is key, along with several other successful techniques.  This is when most powerful underlying issues are typically revealed, and specific measures can be taken to ensure mental and emotional health and healing.

Group Therapy

Group sessions differ from individual sessions because it can help an addict relax and not be ashamed of their addiction.  Peer to peer contact is conducive to healing because even if the addiction is the only thing you have in common with your group members, you’ll be with people who understand the struggles.

Dual Diagnosis

Other mental illnesses can play a role in your addiction.  During the time you spend with us in Raleigh at the treatment center, we will address and diagnose any underlying mental health issues.

Family Counseling

It is important that the addict’s loved ones take part in the healing process.  Our clinical experts here in Raleigh specialize healing family relationships that have suffered because of alcohol abuse.  We will facilitate communication throughout with the addicts and their families to aid in the success of the recovery process.  We’ll also help incorporate a plan on how to proceed after recovery, which includes:   establishing healthy families, enabling, and dealing with conflict effectively.

Holistic Therapy

We’ll treat alcohol addictions in a variety of ways and work with the whole body as a wonderful way to facilitate healing.   We have a variety of options involved in alcoholism treatment in Raleigh, including yoga and exercise classes, meditation, chiropractic work, , aromatherapy, music and art therapy and so many more.

Other Successful Treatment Options

The Residential Treatment Program has the highest success rate in our Raleigh treatment center, but we do realize that it may not be the best option for everyone’s current situation.  For that reason, we have other treatment options.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Treatment, commonly referred to as PHP, is like a 9-5 which allows the client to spend the daytime hours in treatment as if it were a job, then go home at the end of the day. This program is best implemented following the Residential Treatment but can be used successfully if the individual doesn’t need 24-7 care.

If a client decides that this program best fits their lifestyle, the staff will create a customized plan using the same methods available in Residential Treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

As the residential and/or partial hospitalization treatments at Rehab Carolinas are completed, we then transition to Intensive Outpatient Treatment.  This is a part-time program allows more freedom for school, work or other healthy commitments that will support your sobriety.

The small groups do not exceed 45 people, which ensures an effective client-to-staff ratio to meet the needs of each group member. This continued clinical support uses the same methods that were available in the Residential Treatment or Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs.

Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol

You’re here reading about alcohol rehab because you know there will be some obvious benefits to either yourself or someone you love.  First and foremost, once the dependency of alcohol is eliminated, the quality of life will improve almost immediately.  Here are some other in-depth benefits to treatment here in Raleigh.

Hangovers Will Never Happen Again

Being hungover is an awful feeling.  It feels so bad that if it were as easy as just never getting drunk again, any person having a drinking problem would have stopped a long time ago.   Being hungover can be severe or mild.  It could be just feeling a little sluggish, or it could mean feeling sick all day with the urge to vomit, along with headaches and body aches.

A Better Feeling Body

Not only will the never hangovers be gone but being sober will feel good.   The fresh air, feeling well in general and moving from point A to point B won’t be so taxing on the physical wellbeing.  Severe cravings for alcohol will be gone, and the immune system will be stronger without alcohol in the system.  Getting sick won’t happen as often, and overall organ function will improve significantly.

With these changes, other healthy habits will likely introduce themselves, like eating healthier and exercising.  Cutting out alcohol will create an upward spiral of healthy habits, and one of the first places it will show is in in the physical wellbeing.

Relationships Will Improve

Let’s face it:  alcohol has ruined relationships because drinking happens with an addict, they aren’t themselves.  An addict may be mean, abusive or inappropriate or simply neglected those people and those relationships that were once important.

When an addict reaches out to us for alcohol rehab, we’ll help to heal those relationships with loved ones that have suffered because of alcohol addiction. Family therapy will help not just you but loved ones to support in the desires and effort of the addict to overcome addiction.  We’ll facilitate the healing, so the addict no longer has a negative effect on relationships, but only positive ones.

A Better Person Will Evolve

You know the toll alcohol takes on the addict and those people around the addict.  When the addict breaks the alcohol addiction, they’ll typically start caring again.  They’ll care about themselves, they’ll care about others, and they’ll care about doing the right things.  Alcohol transforms the brain into something else when an addict drinks.  That good person with good thoughts who wants to live a sober life will be the person who the addict becomes once alcohol is no longer present.

What if I Relapse?

Part of alcohol treatment is changing the mindset about alcohol.  Alcoholics do not have to consider relapse as an option after alcohol treatment, but the fact is, it happens.  Relapse is a possibility of addiction and recovery.  It doesn’t mean the addict is weak; relapsing simply means we need to work together a little longer and a little harder to beat the addiction. There are many indicators a person can see before taking the final step to relapse. The person must be taught these indicators so that they become visible and can be prevented.

We’re committed to doing it together, and if an addict comes to us with the desire to live clean and sober, the addict can consider your addiction a thing of the past that will make the person stronger than the addiction ever was.

You see, when an addict walks through our doors here in Raleigh, the initial treatment will one day come to an end. But we have a game plan in place – just to be on the safe side – should one of our clients ever take another drink or even consider doing so.

All the programs that helped the alcoholic recover from alcohol addiction will still be available.  Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Dual Diagnosis Treatment or whatever other treatments that helped the alcoholic to feel stronger and capable of recovering will be within reach.  A relapse doesn’t mean failure; it simply means there is another opportunity to try again with even more hope and determination than there was when the first treatment took place.

Call Us Today for Help Beating Your Addiction

It might be hard to imagine now, but the days do come when an addict will live independently again, going through each day from morning until night with no alcohol.  The drinks are now consumed distort thoughts and cloud the brain.  After treatment with us, the addict will be clean and will carry on every day as a fully functioning, healthy, sober human being.  We have everything right here in Raleigh to make it happen.

Call us right now to discuss your alcohol treatment options.  Your call will remain anonymous, and we’ll have the answers to any question you have.  If you don’t want to talk right now, you can simply complete our contact form, and we’ll reach out to you.

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