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Opioid dependency is a growing problem today. You may think you don’t have a problem with opioids, but your abuse may be larger than you think. Your life may be spinning out of control. Your relationships may be in turmoil, and you may be suffering financially. 

There are many reasons that opioid abuse occurs. This can stem from a childhood incident or the move from recreation drug to a more serious issue. The disease of addiction requires help, and we are ready to provide you with the assistance you need to recover. 

Each person that is addicted to opioids needs a different level of care. We have designed our treatment programs to work for your needs. We know all too well the dangers of opioid abuse and the negative effects it can have on your life. You have no control over your days and nights. Your opioid addiction has taken a stronghold, and your life is falling apart. We can help. 

Opioid addiction is a real issue. It has been termed an epidemic, especially in South Carolina. The use of opioids has risen recently with many deaths related to these drugs from addiction and overdose. You may think you are not ready to give up your life of opioid use, but your life is dependent on recovery now.

You’re currently taking the first step in your recovery as you have already begun to think about getting treatment for your opioid use. You can get help for your addiction just like the many others that have come before you. Addiction isn’t a choice. It is a disease that needs opioid treatment. Your body and brain are dependent on these drugs, and without treatment, you will continue to struggle with this disease. 

The Growing Epidemic Of Opioid Use

There are a variety of reasons that opioid abuse occurs. A recent study contributes it to a large number of opioid prescriptions that are given by doctors. This has tripled over the last 20 years, causing a strong addiction to these drugs. The 21st century has also seen an increase in emergency room visits from opioid use. Even still, opioids are prescribed at an alarming rate to more than one-third of Americans today. 

The problem with opioids is that they are a highly addictive drug. When prescribed by medical professionals, individuals think they are safe. They were considered the best option for pain relief and were not consider addictive until more and people showed signs of a strong addiction from these drugs. 

There is not a special recipe or make up for the type of person that becomes addicted to opioids. Anyone can develop an opioid addiction. It happens to more people than you think and often to the people you least suspect. You could be a mother, father, professional, or young adult. Addiction can strike anyone that uses opioids over time, and you need help for your recovery.

The Addictive Effects Of Opioids 

Opioids can have a very dramatic effect on your brain and body. Dopamine feeds the brain, making you feel happy and content. It is released into the bloodstream, giving a euphoric effect.

Because opioids promote the development of dopamine in the brain with significant intensity, it can cause dependency. The brain gets used to having it around, and failure to produce dopamine will cause withdrawals. Using opioids to produce dopamine, will cause the brain to stop producing it on its own and the need for opioids increase to have that same level of satisfaction that you once did. 

However, your body will create a tolerance for the opioids and the dopamine created will not seem like enough to give you that same feeling. You will not feel that happiness or high and will have a need for more opioids to get that high, increasing your tolerance even higher. You will continually have the need for more and more opioids to feel good. 

Your body can only handle so much opioid use, and eventually, it will cause an overdose that could be fatal. One study estimated that there will be more than 650,000 deaths from opioids in the U.S. alone. This growing epidemic needs help and treatment is a positive way to stop your opioid abuse before it becomes deadly. You do not want to be a statistic. 

Let Our Opioid Rehab Center In Durham, NC, Help You Overcome Your Opioid Addiction

Your opioid addiction may seem unmanageable. You may see recovery as impossible. You probably can’t imagine a life without opioids. But, our opioid treatment center in Durham, NC, can help you get on the path to recovery today. We have a team of trained professionals that know how to work with patients addicted to opioids. They can provide you with the successful outcome you are looking for to get your life back. 

Just call us and see what we can do to help your opioid addiction. You may prevent your very own death with one call. We know that you need help to stop using opioids and we are ready to support you every step of the way. Do not put your life in risk any longer. Call us today. 

Your friends and family want to see you get better. They want to continue to be a part of your life and cannot bear losing you to opioid abuse. We work to help with the healing process using a range of therapies that are proven to work, including:

Family Therapy

Not only do you need help with your opioid addiction, but you need to mend the issues with your family. Your family has been affected by your opioid use, and our therapy sessions encourage family member participation. Together, you can recover and begin the healing process. 

Your opioid abuse has affected your relationship with your family. We can help join you together with them as you will need their support as a part of your recovery. Your family needs to heal as much as you do. Your opioid use has hurt them and changed your relationship with them in a negative way. Through family therapy, you can get your life back on track and mend those relationships with your family members. 

With family therapy, you will have the opportunity to begin the healing process by taking advantage of:

  • Mend those broken relationships with your family members
  • Have a safe environment to talk about your feeling and emotional problems 
  • Establish new boundaries that will support you through your recovery and prevent codependent behaviors
  • Set new expectations for you and your family members

Individual Therapy

With our individual therapy, you will have one-on-one sessions where you are able to talk to your therapist on a personal level. Your therapist knows how to communicate with addicts through years of training and experience. They understand the challenges you are facing from your opioid addiction and can help you come to terms with these issues.  

Throughout individual therapy, you will benefit from:

  • Find the root cause of your addiction
  • One-on-one communication
  • A safe environment to express your feeling and thoughts
  • No judgment by your therapist
  • Regularly scheduled appointments

Group Therapy

Group therapy can enhance your family and individual therapies by talking with your peers. A facilitator will lead your group discussion and allow you to bond with others that are also facing opioid addiction. You will be able to discuss your problems while your peers help you to find the solution to these issues that affect your opioid addiction. 

Through group therapy, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Peer-to-peer relationships and communication
  • A safe environment to discuss your feeling and thoughts
  • Feedback and solutions from your peers
  • Routinely scheduled group sessions
  • Accountability from your peers as well as yourself and facilitator

Holistic Therapy

With our holistic therapy, you can find help in a natural way. You will receive treatments that affect your mind, body, soul, and spirit. These therapies are designed to step away from traditional therapy options and give you the approach that works best for your opioid abuse. 

You will benefit from a holistic therapy in a variety of ways, including:

  • No medications
  • Clear mind and body
  • A focus on healing
  • Positive and healthy activities added to your routine

Our holistic therapies include massage, art therapy, music therapy, , yoga, counseling, meditation, and more.

Treatment At Our Opioid Rehab Center In Durham, NC

You can put a stop to your opioid addiction today just by giving us a call. If you are unsure if you need treatment or have questions about our treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide answers and help to calm your concerns. You may not understand how getting clean works or what they entire treatment process entails. We will explain this to you in a caring and respectful way without judgment. Just give us a call today.

When you first arrive at our opioid rehab center in Durham, NC, we will put you through the detox process to help you get sober again. You will be sent to one of our partner facilities for safe medical detox. We admit that detox is not easy. It is difficult but you are in a crisis to save your life, and you can manage a detox. Without it, you will continue to use. Detox is only temporary and you will have medical attention every step of the way. 

Detox lasts approximately five to seven days. Day three is the hardest with withdrawal symptoms that include vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches, fever, chills, sweats, and nausea. You can get through detox and make your way to recovery as you will only feel as if you have the flu or a cold. 

Treatment will begin after detox has been successful. You will then be on your way to sobriety. 

Residential treatment program:

This treatment offers 24/7 care to patients by moving them into our Durham opioid rehab center. This is an opioid-free environment where there are no distractions so you can focus on your recovery. This place is warm, positive, and inviting. You will feel safe and have the therapies you need and medical care required. There is no temptation in this place, and you will be our main focus during your stay to help you get sober. 

Partial hospitalization program:

Our partial hospitalization, is perfect for patients that need full-time care to treat their opioid addiction. You can still maintain your independent living by residing at another location such as your home or sober living facility. You will have access to all therapies we offer as well as the care and support you need to recover. This program can help you transition from residential care while still providing guidance and supervision to help you with your recovery.

Intensive outpatient program: When you have completed the residential treatment program or our partial hospitalization program, you are able to move to our intensive outpatient plan. This program allows you to continue working or attending school while getting the help you need for your opioid addiction. You will be encouraged to take part in a 12-step program as well as the therapies we offer at our Durham opioid rehab treatment center. 

A Unique Treatment Program At Our Opioid Rehab Center In Durham, NC

At our opioid treatment center in Durham, NC, we can provide you the care and sensitivity you need to recover from your opioid addiction. Our facility is completely funded and managed by recovering addicts. Our employees understand addiction as they have experienced the same thing you are going through right now with your opioid abuse.

When you come to our opioid rehab center, you are invited to be a part of our family. Our job is to help you recover and offer you a safe environment that is free from opioid addiction. We want you to have a clean and sober life. You can do it. You deserve sobriety. We can help you achieve it. 

Get The Help You Need From Our Opioid Treatment Center Now 

We are ready to help you with your opioid addiction today. Your call is completely anonymous, and we will answer all the questions that you may have about our treatment program. Don’t wait any longer to get the help you need for your opioid addiction. Your life depends on your sobriety. Do not suffer alone. We can help.

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