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Drug addiction is a worldwide problem.  It is a problem in the United States and hits home especially right here in North Carolina.  There are many reasons why an individual may choose to do drugs, but the fact is most people don’t choose to become addicted.  When an individual realizes the addiction is out of control, it’s too late. Not only have they been affected, but their friends, their family, their professional life, and their entire environment has been affected as well. At this point it doesn’t really matter why you started using drugs, the focus needs to be on be getting your drug treatment underway.  If there are underlying reasons that led to your drug abuse, that will be dealt with directly during one of the many therapy options we have available at our drug treatment center. There is no one specific way to treat a drug addiction.

There are many factors that led to the drug use so there will be many factors that contribute to a successful outcome.  You may be addicted to one drug or you may be addicted to many. The unfortunate fact is that there are many drug choices for drug addicts, and our job is to help you create a new positive life away from your current habit and the temptations that surround you. A drug rehab center may be the best way to get you back on your feet. 

How to Know When You’re Addicted

  • Cravings

Do you find yourself thinking about or wanting your drug of choice throughout the day or do you find that your desires aren’t satisfied until you use the drug again?

  • Tolerance

Think back to the first time that you used your drug of choice.  Do you need more to achieve the same high?

  • Withdrawal symptoms

What is your physical state when you go for long periods without using your drug of choice?  Do you experience chills, sweats, shaking or muscle aches?

  • Poor judgment

Do you find yourself taking risks while you’re under the influence of drugs?  Are you doing things you would normally do if you weren’t high?

  • Physical dependence

Are you unable to function successfully day to day without using your drug of choice?

Do you need to use your drug of choice to fully function?

  • Strained relationships

What is the state of your current relationships?  Think about the people who love you and who you love.  Has your relationship struggled since you began using?

  • Failed attempts

Have you tried to stop using your drug?  Do you feel like you can’t function without it?

The National Center on addiction and substance abuse defines an addiction as affecting the thoughts and actions of an individual as it relates to drug use.  If your answers lean toward “yes” to the list of questions above, it’s time to get help.

Most people in active addiction feel like they’re in control when they abuse drugs.  But when drug use begins to affect friends, family, your professional life, your home life, your social life, and your decisions in general, you are no longer in control.  Drug addiction does not discriminate. No one is left out of the risk of becoming drug addicted. Anyone can be affected, no matter their age, ethnic background, religious affiliation, financial background, social class, or gender.

How Drug Addiction Affects the Brain

If combating your drug addiction was simply about willpower, you would have quit using long before now.  Drug addiction transforms the way the brain works. Drugs, including the one you’re addicted to now, cause the brain to produce a chemical called dopamine.  

Before you started using drugs, your brain was able to release dopamine naturally when you took part in any activity in life that brought you joy, such as being with family, opening a gift, or perhaps watching a show or movie that made you laugh.  Dopamine was released when you took part in those activities. But when you started doing drugs, your brain becomes dependent on the drug to release dopamine.

The more you did the drug, the more dependent your brain became.  Over time, your brain produced less and less dopamine naturally because it became accustomed to the drugs handling the dopamine production.  Eventually, the dopamine is no longer produced at all, and your brain becomes fully accustomed to using drugs for dopamine production. This affects the overall quality of life because you no longer feel happiness unless a high is achieved through drug use.

This explains the reason why individuals can’t “just quit.”  It isn’t about simply changing your mind, because your brain is officially transformed and is now dependent on the use of drugs to achieve the state of happiness.  This is why so many other problems come about because of drug addiction.

Despite these facts, there is help and you can overcome your drug addiction.  Our proven methods and treatments – that will be customized to your specific needs and desires – have proven successful time and time again.  You may feel that there is no hope, and you may feel that nothing can help you overcome your addiction, but the truth is that we have helped many people with drug addictions just like yours.  

They were in the very place you are now, trying to figure out if getting help would be worth the effort.

The Testimonials

We, of course, do not require a personal testimonial when you receive treatment at our drug rehab facility in Raleigh.  However, many individuals request the opportunity to share their personal experience, so they can help someone just like you.  We have numerous clients who never believed they would ever live a life free of drug addiction. The testimonials page featured on our website has quotes from just a few of our success stories.   

Bernadette C., for example, says our treatment methods gave her the time, serenity, love and safety to get clean time under her belt and prepare for a new life free from addiction.

Charlie J. appreciates their respect he received during his time receiving treatment.  

Another former client shares his appreciation for the staff and how he was extremely comfortable at the rehab facility.

For these clients and so many more, we tailored a treatment program to fit their needs.  You must know that recovering from a drug addiction is not about being strong or and not recovering isn’t about being weak. It’s not about willpower or lack thereof.   Beating a drug addiction is simply about getting an effective treatment plan that works for you.

Inpatient and Outpatient Options

Our job at the rehab center is to help you beat your addiction.  We have several programs and methods in place to help you do just that.  They are proven techniques that work. Our most popular and most successful program is Residential Treatment.  However, before Residential Treatment can begin, detox must take place.


Your drug need to be completely removed from your system and detox is the only way to that done.   You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms during detox and those will need to be eliminated before you can begin treatment.  This will allow us to focus fully on your healing and not the management of withdrawal symptoms.

We highly recommend using a medical detox program before coming to the drug rehab center.  Medical detox offers this support and safe medications that can help to reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.  Attempting to detox independently without the help of medical staff can increase the risk relapse because the symptoms are so uncomfortable.

Although withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, medical staff can ensure patient safety during the detox period by offering 24-7 support.  The withdrawal symptoms you can expect to experience during detox include:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Chills

Detox typically runs of course from 5 to 7 days, with peak discomfort coming around day three.  Once detox is complete, you can begin your inpatient or outpatient therapy in Raleigh at the drug rehab center.

Inpatient:  Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment has a host of benefits that create an appealing atmosphere for our drug addict clientele.  We want you to be extremely comfortable while you are in our care. For this reason, we have created an environment that is appealing to the eye and to your physical well-being.

The other benefits of Residential Treatment in a drug rehab center include:

  • Focus:  You have no other distractions.  Your job is to focus on your journey to sobriety your happiness and your wellbeing.  You can completely focus on the new life you desire.
  • Around the clock care:  Getting better doesn’t happen at certain times of the day.  Addicts need help morning noon and night. Oftentimes, the earliest days of the recovery process are the most difficult.  Having full access to all the tools you need to get better is key to your success. This means you will have medical professionals, case managers and therapists available anytime you need support.
  • Structure:  positive and productive routines play a huge role in the success of drug treatment.  We will create a routine that fits your needs that includes new activities, new thoughts, new routines and a new way of life in general.

Residential Treatment will also give you full access to individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, the exploration of dual diagnosis, family counseling, and a wide range of holistic therapies that include Tai Chi, yoga, chiropractic sessions, , music therapy, art classes and many more options.  

Residential Treatment also is an excellent opportunity to find safety in freedom away from your addiction.  You can find a new you, with full support from medical staff and peers who have a full understanding of your struggles with drug addiction and you don’t have to do it alone.

Outpatient: PHP and IOP

Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program also referred to as PHP is for those individuals who need extended support for their drug addiction but still want to live in their own home environment.  This is best utilized as a transitional program after Residential Treatment has been completed. However, it has been used successfully for those addicts who don’t need around the clock support.  The therapies and methods available in Residential Treatment are also available in the PHP program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program is best for clients that want to work or go to school while receiving treatment for their drug addiction.  The benefit to IOP is that it helps the individual to live a life free from drugs in a home environment outside of the drug rehab center.

It is recommended that drug addicts in IOP live in a sober living facility.  We have preferred sober living facilities in Raleigh that can help support drug addicts in the drug rehab center program.  And of course, the methods and therapies available in Residential Treatment are also available for clients participating in IOP.

It’s Time

You have come this far.  You have taken the time to learn about the treatment options available that can help you combat your drug addiction once and for all.  It is important to understand that living a sober life is not a privilege. It is a right.

No matter what you have done, no matter who you of hurt, no matter the harm you have cause to yourself, you do not deserve to be a drug addict.  Chances are your drug addiction has ruined relationships with friends and family. When you’re sober you may understand the hurt and harm your addiction has caused, but when you are high, it’s easier for you to cope.  

The people who love you have watched your drug addiction spiral out of control and they certainly understand the hurt and harm as well.  However right now the fact that you’re looking into a drug rehab center isn’t about them. This is about you and your journey to getting better.

Just like your drug addiction affected your friends and family, your recovery and rehabilitation will affect them as well.  As you heal, so will those relationships, and we’re here to walk you through this life-altering process each step of the way.  Contact our drug rehab center today. We have a drug rehab center staff available right now waiting for your call. You can ask any questions you want anonymously or if you don’t want to talk you can fill out a special form online.  Call us today to discuss your options for treatment. You don’t have to feel alone anymore.

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