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Are you or someone you love struggling to overcome drug addiction? Congratulations for acknowledging your problem and deciding to face it! Now that you are aware of your situation, you probably realize that you need all the help you can get. You can receive it in our drug rehab center in Charlotte, NC. 

We realize the thought of seeking institutionalized help scares you. It is a major step, but one you do not have to take on your own. First of all, you should know many other North Californians are in your situation, around 50,000. 

According to SAMHSA, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, over 50% of them are fighting only their drug addiction. Alcohol addiction is the only problem for only 14.1%. Close to 34.8% of patients are trying to recover from both drugs and alcohol addiction. 

If you fight the problem on your own, you are more likely to give in to temptation and relapse. If you turn to specialists, your chances to stay sober and recover from your addiction will increase. To increase your chances even more, it is important that you choose a reputed drug treatment center. 

At the Rehab Carolinas, we have one of the highest success rates in drug rehab in Charlotte. Our secret is simple: we do not force our patients through pre-designed treatment programs. Instead, we assess their needs and interests, and we create personalized programs they will find easier to follow. 

Our Goal for Your Drug Rehab in Charlotte, NC

We know several factors contributed to your addiction. In order for your recovery efforts to pay off, we will focus on identifying those factors and eliminating them. We also know how important family and peer support is at this time in your life. We will help you benefit from both. 

With our care and support, you will have no reason to return to your destructive habits. You will receive treatment, advice, and support, and you will become stronger and more confident by the day. You will slowly but surely regain control of your body and mind, and become ready to account for your actions. 

What Makes Our Charlotte Drug Treatment Center Different?

There are two types of drug rehab centers in Charlotte, NC: recovery fellowships and addiction treatment facilities. The first ones address their members’ psychological needs, providing love and support. The second ones have a more scientific approach, treating addiction as a medical disorder. 

At the Rehab Carolinas, we have made it our goal to bridge the gap between these two approaches. Our treatment programs aim to cover our patients’ physical and psychological needs alike.  We have developed a comprehensive twelve-step recovery model that our specialists adjust to each patient. 

Our patients have access to both local recovery fellowships and the latest and most efficient clinical care.  We make these available through both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Our goal is to empower our clients to live a life as close to normal as possible while eliminating relapse risks. 

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs in Our Drug Treatment Center in Charlotte, NC

As our patient, you get to decide how much time you spend in our Charlotte drug treatment center. You can opt for residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment. We will not force you to break the ties with your loved ones. On the contrary, we will do our best to make them part of your recovery and ease the process for them as well. Here is how we plan to do that as part of our treatment options. 

1. Residential Treatment

Patients opting for this type of treatment will live in our center. We recommend this solution to those who are exposed to temptation in their home environment. Sometimes, it helps to break away from temptation and factors that encourage or support the addiction. It also allows for more complex treatments and therapies. Patients choosing to receive residential treatment in our drug rehab center in Charlotte, NC, will enjoy several valuable benefits. 

  • Improved focus. Without temptations or distractions, they can channel all their resources towards their recovery. 
  • Permanent care. Recovery takes 24/7 efforts. The residential treatment program allows our patients to receive care and support 24/7. When things get tough, they have someone to turn to, be it day or night, weekday, or weekend. 
  • A fresh start. This type of treatment allows patients to give up all their harmful habits and build new, healthy ones. They can change their lifestyle, develop new routines, and get used to them. This way, by the time their recovery is complete, they will already have something to keep them going. 

2. Partial Hospitalization

Not all patients needing drug rehab in Charlotte need 24/7 care. Some need daytime treatment for their condition but would rather spend their nights in the family home. Others have completed their residential treatment program and prefer to phase their transition to independent living.  We offer clients the treatment they need, without forcing them to leave their home environment. This treatment approach brings about several important benefits as well:

  • Our patients remain under supervision and account for their sobriety
  • They receive support from their peers throughout their recovery
  • Continue their treatment for any underlying or concomitant disorders
  • They can pace their transition to independent living and thus avoid relapse
  • They receive from social and clinical support every step of their recovery process
  • They’ll benefit from family counseling and individual and group therapy for as long as they need them. 

3. Intensive Outpatient Program 

This program caters to the needs of patients who have jobs or are enrolled in educational programs. It also aims to support patients who complete residential treatment or partial hospitalization. During treatment, clients live at home and attend sessions lasting a couple of hours, several days a week. The treatment protocol covers both therapy and medical care. Patients become part of a tightly knit community and support one another throughout their rehabilitation. The benefits of this program are numerous:

  • Patients can continue their work and studies and live an almost normal life
  • They still account for their actions and receive a decent amount of supervision and care
  • The short and flexible treatment sessions allow them to plan their activities as they wish
  • Treatment includes group and individual therapy, as well as personalized clinical care
  • Peer support is available for everyone, anytime, through recovery fellowships

Proven Methods for Success

At the Rehab Carolinas, we take pride in our complete, personalized approach to drug rehab. We know each patient is unique, and we adjust our services to their unique needs. Within the above-described inpatient and outpatient programs, our clients have access to:

  • Clinical care

Our staff is up to date and ready to implement the latest and most effective treatment methods. We help clients diagnose and treat underlying and concomitant disorders. We also monitor their health and adjust their medication. 

  • Group therapy

 In our experience, many of those fighting addiction feel alone, abandoned, and lack self-confidence. Through group therapy, they realize they are not alone. They connect to people facing the same hardships, learn from one another, and support one another.  They talk about their problems and, thus, find relief and courage.

  • Individual therapy

Recovery from addiction is not possible without identifying the factors that led to it. Patients need to learn to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and control their urges and emotions. They need to improve their self-confidence and reestablish positive relationships with their loved ones. They can accomplish all these with the help of a licensed therapist, through one-on-one sessions. 

  • Holistic therapy

Drug addiction affects not only the patient’s body but also their mind and soul. Many patients experience physical withdrawal symptoms and fall victims to depression and anxiety. Others develop a desperate fear of relapse and have a hard time returning to independent living. We help them heal through holistic therapy. Our patients benefit from the healing power of , chiropractic care, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, music, and art therapy.

Relapse Prevention as Part of Drug Rehab in Charlotte, NC

Many patients relapse after leaving Charlotte drug treatment centers. They find themselves alone, vulnerable to the same factors that led to their addiction. They cannot resist the pressure, the temptation, and they give in to their vice. 

At the Rehab Carolinas, we offer clients all the tools, resources, and support required to avoid relapsing. We combine clinical care with individual and group therapy, and we allow clients to pace their recovery. They can take “baby steps” to return to independent living, thus having time to acquire strength and confidence. 

Our patients can move from residential care to partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment. During these treatment phases, besides overcoming their addiction, they learn to recognize and fight relapse symptoms. Should they find themselves tempted to relapse, they have access to therapy and rehab fellowships.  

The best way to avoid relapsing is to recognize its stages and seek help as soon as possible. The process begins at an emotional level. When hurt, scared, or disappointed, the patient starts craving drugs, associating them with relief. 

As their feelings intensify, their mind starts playing tricks on them. They visualize themselves taking the drug and feeling better. Their cravings intensify to the point where they become uncontrollable and bring about physical action. 

Our patients are trained to recognize these stages as they occur and seek help from our therapists and fellowships. They receive the support they need to get over those difficult times, and they gain confidence in themselves. Our treatment methods include our patient’s loved ones as well. As we explain to them, the key to avoid relapse is avoiding:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Financial difficulties
  • Dramatic routine changes

When these are impossible to avoid, constant moral and physical support can go a long way. With their loved ones and our specialists backing them up, most patients succeed at turning their addiction into history. Even if the worst happens, at the Rehab Carolinas, we believe in second chances. We stand by our clients until they no longer need our help. 

Is Drug Rehab in Charlotte, NC, Affordable?

Drug rehab is always more affordable than fueling the addiction. Besides the price of drugs, addiction costs jobs, relationships, and ruins the sufferer’s future. It often brings about mental disorders and diseases that are very expensive to treat. It makes much more sense to invest in the services of a Charlotte drug treatment center. 

The costs will depend on the addiction stage and physical and mental condition of the patient. They will also depend on the treatment program they opt for and its length. Some of our clients recover with a couple of weeks of intensive outpatient care. Others need months of residential treatment and partial hospitalization. 

When someone turns to us for help, the first thing we do is assess their treatment needs. Together with the patient, our specialists devise a treatment plan and calculate its costs. If the patient carries insurance, we do everything in our power to access their coverage. 

When that is not possible, we assist clients with affordable payment plans and financing solutions. Our finance specialists strive to keep costs low while ensuring our patients receive the best of care. To find out how much drug rehab would cost in your particular case, schedule a free consultation. We will assess your particular treatment needs and the corresponding price and provide the answers you need. 

Start Your Charlotte Drug Rehab Today!

Are you trying to overcome drug addiction? You do not have to deal with all the pain and chaos by yourself. At the Rehab Carolinas, you will find the resources, care, and support you need to succeed. Our team and our local fellowships will not rest until they see you leave our drug rehab center in Charlotte, NC, recovered. 

To make sure that happens, all you have to do is take the first step. It refers to scheduling the FREE consultation. You can do so online, by filling in the contact form, or by phone, calling 704.810.2238. We look forward to facilitating your recovery and writing yet another success story! 

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