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Has your social drinking habit grown into an addiction you cannot overcome on your own? Don’t punish yourself. You should be happy that you were able to acknowledge your problem. This means you have already taken your first step towards recovery. Now, all you have to do is seek specialized help. There are many options available to those interested in alcohol rehab in Charlotte, NC. 

The thought of discussing your problems with a stranger probably terrifies you. However, you should keep in mind that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Many North Californians, over 450,000 according to the AA, end up in the same situation every year. 

What matters is what you do to get out of this painful situation, and we can help. Before you decide whether to accept our help, you should at least gather some information. It will help you clear some misconceptions and assess your current situation. 

Contrary to what you may think, there are far worse things than pursuing alcohol treatment in Charlotte, NC.  The best way to understand that is to review the different stages of alcoholism. We will do so in the following lines. Keep in mind that treatment is available at any stage.

Alcohol Abuse

Sometimes, you tell yourself you will only have one beer and you end up drinking three. Other times you plan to enjoy a glass of fine wine and you find yourself opening the second bottle. When such scenarios repeat themselves several times a month or, worse, weekly, it is time to worry. 

This is how alcohol addiction begins. You feel the need to have another drink, and another one, until you can’t stop. One drink after another one gets you drunk, so you no longer pay attention to your words or actions. You hurt or annoy people, and they turn their back on you. 

This gets you drinking even more, to forget or feel better in your skin. It’s a vicious cycle that some manage to escape. Others get caught in it and allow themselves to get carried away until the point of no return. If the people around you complain about your drinking habits, take it as a wakeup call. 

Perhaps they exaggerate, but what if they do not? At this stage, you can still control your instincts and actions, and avoid the catastrophe called alcohol addiction. If you do not feel like doing it alone, all you need is some therapy and peer support. 

Alcohol Dependency

After you abuse alcohol a few times, you find yourself needing to repeat the experience. In your mind, you only have some fun and forget what’s bothering you. In reality, you intoxicate yourself to stop feeling and you end up losing control. 

From there to losing the love and respect of your friends and family, there is only one step. You may lose your job as well. You will not understand or admit why, as you only perceive your words and actions through the alcohol fog. 

You’ll blame everyone else but yourself and keep drinking. You may reach a point when drinking and craving more drinks is all you do. Hopefully, you will figure out something is wrong and seek help before that happens. The sooner you do it, the shortest and the easiest your path to recovery is. 

Alcohol Addiction

After a while of depending on alcohol for fun and problems, all you care about is your cravings. When you do not, you experience withdrawal symptoms. The most common ones include headaches, anxiety, excessive sweat, and mood changes. 

Your brain seems to need alcohol to function, and the liquor seems to fuel your body. You can’t function without it, but drinking impairs you and clouds your mind even more. At this stage, recovering is extremely difficult. It takes effort, commitment, and specialized care only an alcohol treatment center in Charlotte, NC, can provide. 

The Effects of Too Much Alcohol or the Need for Alcohol Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Abusing alcohol is dangerous. Being addicted to it is life-threatening. Here are just some of the long-term effects alcohol excess can have on the consumer’s life:

  • Job loss and inability to secure and keep another job. Employers do not accept alcohol consumption on the job. They fire employees who drink. Moreover, alcohol addicts often end up stealing or selling home stuff to fuel their addiction. 
  • Poor decisions and inadequate, risky behavior. Alcohol impairs consumers, preventing them from thinking and reacting as they should.  Some even end up jeopardizing their lives and those of others.
  • Ruined relationships. Having one too many drinks at a party is not the end of the world. Being drunk all the time costs friendships and partnerships. No one wants to waste time and feelings on a useless drunk. 
  • Poor physical and mental health. Alcohol excess often leads to anxiety, depression, or paranoia. It also increases the risk of developing liver and pancreatic disease, fibrosis, and hepatitis. Some alcohol addicts develop high blood pressure and risk suffering a stroke. Diabetes is another possible consequence. 

All these negative effects are easy to avoid through alcohol treatment in Charlotte, NC. At the Rehab Carolinas, we have been successfully treating alcohol addiction for years. Our addiction specialists combine clinical care methods with group and individual therapy. 

Instead of applying the same treatment solutions to all clients, they develop personalized plans. The first step of alcohol treatment in Charlotte, NC, is to help patients understand their addiction.   

Understanding Alcohol Addiction as the First Step to Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte, NC

Depending on age, behavior, genetic inheritance, and addiction severity, alcohol rehab patients fall into four categories. The treatment needs and approaches are different for every category.

1. Young Adults

Most patients in this category are facing alcohol problems for the first time. With them, the challenge is to convince them to accept treatment. Once they do, their rehabilitation is a given. Most young adults who come to our facility for alcohol treatment have never received treatment for alcohol abuse.  This enables them to respond better. It also simplifies our work, especially when there are no other diseases present. 

2. Young Antisocial

This category refers to patients in their late twenties. They have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism and, often, underlying mental illnesses. Many of them combine alcohol with drugs. Treating them is not easy. However, we do not rest until we see our patients fully recovered. 

3. Intermediate Familial

The genetic predisposition to alcoholism affects individuals in this category as well. They inherited it from family members. They too suffer from a mental illness, usually depression, and have other concomitant addictions. These patients often lack family support, depending on peer support and therapy to overcome their problem. 

4. Chronic/Severe

The patients in this category are rare and difficult to treat. Besides alcohol addiction, they have an antisocial personality and mood disorders.  They have other addictions as well. For them, the usual rehab fellowships can do very little. They need clinical, residential treatment in a reputed facility, and that is where we come in. 

Why Choose Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Charlotte, NC

At the Rehab Carolinas, we are proud of our holistic approach to treating alcohol addiction. Our specialists help patients identify, understand, and eliminate the cause of their addiction. In doing so, they combine clinical treatment with group and individual therapy sessions. We also encourage our patients to join rehab fellowships. 

This way, they can receive all the help they need to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally. We help them regain their self-confidence and self-control. We empower them to say no to alcohol. With our help, they slowly but surely return to a normal, independent life. They learn to recognize relapse tendencies and overcome them. In our experience, the following factors lead to alcohol addiction and favor relapses: 

  • Peer pressure
  • Traumatic events
  • Failed relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional and mental problems
  • Genetics

The scenario when couples break up and the man buries his grief in alcohol is more common than you would think. Unfortunately, it applies to women as well. Alcohol becomes an escape for everyone in pain, worried, anxious, or fearful. 

Those who recover from addiction but do not receive the support they need are tempted to start drinking again. We prevent relapses by standing by our clients even after they leave our alcohol rehab center. Knowing they can turn to our therapists and support fellowships anytime helps them resist temptation and stay sober. Sobriety brings about numerous benefits that we underline for all our alcohol rehab patients. 

The Benefits of Sobriety

Sober individuals are a pleasure to be around. They control their words and actions, and they protect their loved ones against eventual hardships. They’re able to support themselves and their loved ones. They develop strong and healthy relationships and learn to protect them at all costs. They are able to make plans and look forward to a wonderful future. 

At the Rehab Carolinas, we want our clients to enjoy all these benefits and more. To make that happen, we provide several alcohol rehab treatment options. Our patients, along with their loved ones and our specialists, get to choose the best option for them. Here is a brief overview of the options available. 

1. Residential Alcohol Treatment in Charlotte, NC

This program caters to the needs of patients who have reached the final stage of their addiction. It gets them out of the harmful, temptation-loaded environment.  In our alcohol rehab center in Charlotte, they have nothing to focus on but their recovery. They also benefit from 24/7 care and supervision and individual and group therapy. They can enroll in various relaxing activities. Peer support usually continues long after they leave the center, to prevent relapses. 

2. Partial Hospitalization Program in Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Charlotte, NC

This program is available to patients who have completed residential treatment and live in safe environments. They come to the center for treatment and therapy during the day, and they sleep in their home bed at night. They still have to answer to our specialists and follow rules, but they have more freedom and independence. 

3. Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte, NC

This program addresses patients in the early stages of their addiction. They may have a job to keep, kids to drive to school, and other family obligations. Committing to residential or partial hospitalization would prevent them to fulfill their duties. The intensive outpatient program allows them to come in for a couple of hours, several days a week. They receive treatment, therapy, and support, and they live an almost normal, independent, alcohol-free life. 

Treatment Methods in Available in Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Charlotte, NC

No matter the program they opt for, at the Rehab Carolinas, our patients benefit from: 

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment of underlying or concomitant conditions
  • Peer support
  • Aftercare 
  • Holistic therapy 

This enables them to fight their addiction on all levels and obtain fast and durable results. We have one of the highest success rates for alcohol rehab in Charlotte, NC. Moreover, after recovery, few, if any of our patients relapse. That is because we have made a mission out of helping them. We remain by their side long after they leave our center. 

Overcome Your Addiction in Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Charlotte, NC

At Rehab Carolinas, we know what painful repercussions alcohol addiction has. We have been helping hundreds of patients overcome their problems and regain control. Our methods never fail, and our specialists do not rest until they get the desired results. 

Let us help you treat your addiction! All you have to do is call our alcohol rehab center in Charlotte, NC, at 704.810.2238. The preliminary consultation is FREE! Together, we can devise and implement an easy and effective treatment plan. Recovering your loved ones and your independence is just a matter of time!

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